• TakeUz For Schools
    •  Track Your School Bus & Vehicles

    •  Mark Attedance On Bus

    •  Allow Parents Ability to Track

    •  Track Your Kids When On Outing

    •  All For Free

    •  I am convinced...

How Does Our App Work

  • Admins can set up routes/channels

  • Parents can track when their kids board/dis-embark the bus

  • Bus attendar carries an Android based App for attendance and tracking

  • Admins can generate reports to improve efficiency

Want A Dedicated Tracker?

In case you dont want to use the Tracking App

  • Buy our Low Cost Tracker and attach to bus

  • Use your own Sim to save GPRS cost OR take our low cost GPRS option

  • Attach Trackers/Vehciles to routes

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